Thursday, January 3, 2019

William Shakespeare—due April 25

How can seniors in 2019 possibly make Shakespeare useful?

Poems—due April 11

Which poems in the Google folder are cool? Do you like Gwendolyn Brooks's (pictured below) poem? Reply with 150+ words.

Beatrice & Virgil—due March 28

Does this novel compare with Life of Pi? Reply with 150+ words.

Life of Pi—due March 21

What's your favorite part of Life of Pi? What should we ask Yann Martel when we Skype with him on Wednesday, April 3, at 3:10 in the community room? Reply with 150+ words.

Life of Pi—due February 28

What about the writing and arranging of Life of Pi is different, experimental, odd, unique? Respond with 150+ words.

Cuckoo's Nest—due February 14

Read and respond to these statements with 150+ words. (Click the bolded words.)

Literary Lens—due January 31

Which literary lens (Freudian, Marxist, Feminist, Deconstruction, Orientalism, Structuralism, other) are you wearing most? Why? 

Additionally, include at least one idea from each of the three lenses that you buy/accept.

Lastly, what ideas will you lead with tomorrow during the Lord of the Flies forum? Answer with 150+ words.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Argumentation blog task—due December 13

What is the absolute best angle you're using to convince your opponents that you're right? Reply with 150+ words.
The incomparable literary genius Toni Morrison.

Narration/Scholarship Essay blog task—due November 29

How do you keep your audience in mind when composing essays? What do audiences expect to see in narration essays? Who will read and reward your scholarship essays? Reply with 150+ words.
The brilliant Richard Feynman, who always kept his audience in mind.

Six-word Stories—due November 16

Type your two six-word stories here.

Blog task—due November 8

What does composing essays prove? Answer with 150+ words.

Causal blog task—due October 25

Why do little kids always ask, "Why?"? Why do astrophysicists, electrophysiologists, authors, tiger tamers persistently ask, "Why?"? Why do ________________ constantly ask "Why?"? Answer with 150+ words.

Comparison-Contrast blog task—due October 11

How are essays weird? Include 150+ words.

Your best sentence—due Sept 27

Type 150+ words about your best sentence—not including your thesis statement—in your classification essay.

Classification blog task—due September 13

Will you attempt an extended metaphor with your classification essay? Why or why not? Type 150+ words. 

(An example of an extended metaphor in an invented classification system: "All co-workers are fruit. They are either pears, apples, or oranges...")

Friday, August 24, 2018

August 27 in-class blog task

Type 150+ words about your literacy journey. How have you become so literate? Who has read to you? What have you read? What have you written?

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Your Best—due May 10

Type 50 or fewer of your best words.

Novelist Gillian Flynn (Sharp Objects is my favorite novel by her.)

The Human Condition—due April 26

View this brilliant portrayal of Iago, then write 75+ words about "the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on." 

Tim McInnerny as Iago.

Write a Poem—due April 12

Write a poem about the senior retreat or prom or anything. Invest effort to craft the poem.


Write about a famous literary theorist you research.

Confessional Poet Anne Sexton

Yann Martel Video Reaction—due March 29

Watch this interview with Yann Martel in which he's speaking about Beatrice & Virgil (or another Martel video on YouTube) and write about him. Total 150+ words.

Your Term Tuesday—due March 15

Other than for the semester test, why is it good to know your Tuesday terms? Connect, perhaps, to a non-literature setting like your potential career field. Total 150+ words.

Pictured is Ursula K. LeGuin, an amazing author.

Short Chapters—due March 1

When composing his novel, Yann Martel had 100 envelopes, each with information for a short chapter (making, obviously, 100 chapters). Did his method work well? Do you like the format of short chapters? Include 150+ words.

Yann Martel

Favorite Scene—due Feb 15

Which is your favorite scene from Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and why? Total 150+ words.

Literary Device—due Feb 1

Type a sentence from the novel that includes a literary device, including the page number before the period. Why have so many readers found Kesey's literary devices to be really intriguing? Reach 150+ words.

Pictured is actor Will Sampson portraying Chief Bromden.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Tablemate—due December 14

Write 150+ kind, specific words about a tablemate's essay. Mention which essay you're complimenting. Quote at least two great sentences/phrases used by your tablemate. Include your tablemate's initials ("MC" for example).